Q1. How often are the reports updated?
The reports are updated once per month on the first Monday of each month. For a small additional fee, they can be updated weekly.

Q2. How do I receive the reports?
Reports are printed in Adobe PDF format and emailed directly to you. There is no need for you to install software on your computer or remember to download reports every week.

Q3. What day of the week are the reports emailed?
Reports are emailed on Mondays.

Q4. Am I required to sign a contract that locks me in for a certain number of months?
No, we do not use "locked-in" contracts. You are free to terminate service whenever you wish.

Q5. I don't want my reports to be red. Can I choose a different color?
Absolutely! We can customize the header with any color you like.

Q6. Is it possible to get my company logo or business card placed on the reports?
Yes it is. Instructions are available on how to do this once you complete the sign up process.

Q7. What is the difference between an individual and group license?
The difference is the "client name" at the top of the report. For instance, an individual real estate agent (or team) may want his or her own name displayed on the report when presenting it to a client. Alternatively, a group license typically displays the name of the entire office center on the report.

Q8. Can you report on zip codes and residential subdivisions?
Yes and yes. Although it varies by MLS system, we typically sort the listings for each market by a zip code (or a combination of multiple zip codes, see Q9 below) or some other MLS-specific code. Reporting on individual subdivisions may be possible, but it really depends on the level of sophistication of your particular MLS system. Detailed instructions on how to build your market are included when you sign up.

Q9. What is a "search area"?
For our purposes, a “search area” is a geographic area that can be defined by one or more postal zip codes or other MLS-specific codes. Basically, we need to tell the computer exactly what listings to search for in a language that it understands…numbers. It may be possible to search for subdivisions as well if your MLS system has keyword-search capability, although this method can sometimes be less reliable.

Typically, an agent will provide us with one or more codes (either zip codes or MLS codes) and then give that market a name. It is up to you to decide how big or small of an area you would like us to report on. For example, the city of Smallville, as shown in the sample report, is comprised of two (2) different zip codes. On one hand, it is possible to report on all of Smallville as a single market by combining both zip codes into ONE REPORT. Alternatively, it is also possible to create TWO SEPARATE REPORTS for each zip code, essentially splitting Smallville into two halves.

Q10. How many zip codes can I combine in a single report?
There is no limit to the number of search values (zip codes for example) that you may combine in your market report.  However, please be aware that the stats will be averaged if you include multiple search values in a single report.  Also, certain limitations may exist in your MLS system. It is strongly suggested that you consider your target audience when defining each market. If you combine too many zip codes into a single market report, you run the risk of losing your audience.

For example, statistics on an entire county may not be as meaningful to your clients as statistics on their particular city, town, or subdivision since home prices and trends vary from one area to the next. Remember, real estate is LOCAL!!

Q11. Can anyone order these reports?
No, subscription is only made available to real estate agents and other professionals registered with their local MLS.

Q12. Is it possible to search for condos and townhomes, not just single family homes?
Yes, we can search for those types of properties as well.